Hiring a Virtual Assistant will be your next smart business decision?


If you are a startup, Small or medium-sized business you are always on the move to optimize your employee productivity. The more you optimize your process and systems the more you impact your growth positively.

With the rising cost and increasing, business needs hiring and managing employees becoming continuously challenging for business. You would have often considered the question of whether or not to recruit additional help as a small and medium-sized business owner.

To ensure profits you need to capitalize on the cost and the outflow of your business. Here virtual assistants come in play.

A virtual assistant is a professionally skilled person who will take care of your important tasks remotely while you can focus on your core activities of expanding your business footprint.

It has been estimated that hiring a virtual assistant over a full-time employee can save up to 68% in operating costs per year. According to a study, almost 50% of startups fail in its initial years following incompetence. Therefore, entrepreneurs always try harder in every viewpoint to push their business and become successful.

Virtual assistants can multi-task and are highly adaptable to suit your business needs.

  • Admin Support  |
  • Customer Support  |
  • Technical Support  |
  • Web Research  |
  • Accounting  |
  • Bookkeeping  |
  • Digital Marketing  |
  • Graphic designer  |
  • UI/UX Programmer  |
  • Lead Generation  |
  • Data Entry  |
  • Email Marketing

While you hustle with all types of possible efforts to expand your business, employing a virtual assistant will take care of your distinctive business needs without investing in building an office workforce.

Yes, we know that you have already started thinking “Should I hire a virtual assistant?”

Here we have chalked out a few important reasons why every small business needs an effective virtual assistant.

  • Trained to deliver  |
  • Focussed on productivity  |
  • Save money  |
  • Save Time

Therefore, employing a virtual assistant in any field is much more cost effective (less than $15K) annually than appointing an in-house staff member (average $39K).

You will be able to see a marked increase in your productivity and growth once you have offloaded most of your time-consuming and mundane tasks to your virtual assistant.

Time for productive works
While you focus on the most important aspects of your business and invest your time wisely. Your virtual assistant makes sure the all the tasks which impact and are necessary to run the business smoothly are completed correctly and in a timely manner.When a virtual assistant manages your tasks, you would have more time for making your business more successful.

On-Demand Services.
There are companies, which don’t have enough work for a full-time employee. If you hire a virtual assistant, you can effectively use the hours available per month as on when required.

Intellovision supports its global clients by offering virtual assistant services at optimised cost.

Please visit the link below to calculate how much you can save with our services.

Key benefits:

  1. We provide flexible hours of work based on your need
  2. Cost saving up to 60% with rate starting as low as $250/month.
  3. Work as per your desired time zones.
  4. No additional Project Management charge.
  5. No upfront investment.
  6. No Infrastructure Cost
  7. 100% security
  8. Track performance by daily reporting schedule.

About Intellovision :
Intellovision is a leading 360-degree Research & Analytics company delivering seamless customer services, business efficiency, and actionable insights through an integrated set of modern technologies. Our Research & Data Analytics outsourcing services help organizations to solve critical problems in a way that helps them outperform their competitors. Our skilled team of experts along with an integrated set of disruptive technologies and robust delivery model helps to build cap
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