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In this competitive arena, financial analysis becomes most crucial in obtaining an understanding of your company’s financial performance in order to reduce unwanted losses. Financial Analysis provides  insights into your company’s financial behaviors, risk and profiles, as well as your competitors, and the overall industry and market. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need timely financial data at your fingertips.

Intellovision provides focused and differentiated actionable analysis to help an organization improve their ROI and management decisions. We support Investment Bankers, Private Equity firms, Brokerage Firms and Independent Investment Advisors by providing consultancy with initiation and coverage of Financial Data including Financial Reporting and Modelling, Ratio Analysis, Valuation & Forecasting and Finance and News Tracking on a day to day basis.


Managing the success of an organization requires smart budgeting, valuation and forecasting. Financial analysis helps to identify the relative changes needed for driving profitability, enhancing short-term liquidity position as well as the long-term liquidity and solvency position of a firm.

If you looking for a high end cost-effective financial analysis services then you have come to the right place! Intellovision is an experienced financial research and analysis firm which provides high-quality financial analysis services. With us on board, your financial decisions will rest on credible shoulders and would fuel the overall growth of your organization.

Intellovision provides some strategically planned services on Financial Research space:

  • Financial System Analysis

  • IPO Analysis

  • M & A Support Services

  • 10K , 10Q Data Mining

  • Rating Analysis

  • Collateral Evaluation

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Stock markets are always under scrutiny by an individual due to lack of proper understanding of the market. Equity research helps the investor to enter the market. An equity research report provides in-depth information on a particular stock with the best deals as far as the investment module, strategy, class and asset allocation is concerned. It also provides entry and exit strategy on investment.

Intellovision offers qualitative and quantitative equity research on companies which covers quantitative financial analysis, modelling, valuation and forecasts. Ongoing research maintenance including updating research reports, models, valuations and forecasts also forms the core of our Equity research services. Our in-house team of Chartered Accountants CFA’s, MBA ’s who have quality expertise in subjects like equity research, Valuation, FSA, and investment banking can give a marked difference for your investment.

The services provided under Equity Research are:

  • Fundamental Analysis

  • Technical Analysis

  • Valuation & Report

  • Sector Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Tracking and analysis News and Event

  • Coverage Maintenance

  • WACC analysis

  • Earning Forecast

  • 10K, 10Q Data analysis.

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Financial Modelling is one of the most important element to take a major decision in a corporate world. A financial model is simply a tool that’s built-in excel or in python to forecast a business financial performance for future. The model typically based on the company’s historical data, assumptions about the future, and require to forecast an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement which can be used for company valuation and projection.

Intellovison specializes in providing financial modeling and sensitivity analysis model which is a help to our clients to understand how changes in key parameters of a firm. Our expert CFA’s and MBA’s and programmers are equipped to create a complete financial model with a custom set of inputs & calculations.

We cover the following Financial Modelling service:

  • Valuation Model – DFC , CCA, CTC

  • Assumptions and drivers

  • Financial Projection Models

  • Budget Forecast and Reporting

  • Product Costing and Profitability Models

  • NPV, PV, FV valuation models

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