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In launching a new business, it is important to perform extensive market research. Market research provides first-hand information regarding market intelligence of your business opportunity. At intellovision we offer high quality, cost-effective research & information services to support corporations and institutions around the world. Intellovision provides clients with a range of customized and outsourced research solutions on Economies, Industries and Companies. Our approach is highly professional in taking up the assignments. We ensure the confidentiality of the projects by signing the confidential agreements as per the client’s need with mutual consent.

Intellovision can help your organization with strategies for profitable growth. Our innovative research techniques are used to collate and analyze information from a large range of sources, to produce standardized as well as customized research reports. You can depend on our unmatched research and advisory capabilities to assess your unique problems, reduce uncertainties and clarify your business alternatives. Our advisory services are based on the strong expertise that we have in providing solutions to global companies in areas like growth & diversification strategies, exploration of new markets, demand assessment for specific industries/sectors/products, tracking of markets in various geographies.


Market Intelligence is very crucial to the success of any business. It provides you with information about the demographic and population distribution, behaviour, consumer trends, competition, market saturation, macro & macro-economic insights of your target customers. In addition, market intelligence can cover such areas as taxes, inflation, government Regulations and political perspectives, and legal issues also. An effective market intelligence effort will reasonably predict the profitability of the proposed business.

Intellovision has considerable knowledge and experience on all the mainstream niches of market intelligence that include both Quantitative as well as Qualitative aspects. We offer our expertise in a range of areas to meet every customer need.

In the Market Intelligence space, intellovision provides the following services to its global clients:

  • Economic Research

  • Industry Reports

  • Identify New Market and Potential

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Company Analysis

  • Data Processing and analysis

  • Research Report and Presentation

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In today’s financial world all investors want solid evidence to make their rational decision. A Feasibility Study helps to understand the obstacles and overall potential of a product or a business and guides the organization in taking several actions pertaining to the launch of a new product, financial Projections, competing for technologies and improve the quality of the existing product or services.

Intellovision is professionally skilled to provide and implement feasibility analysis in the right direction and turn information into intelligence in order to gain the maximum benefits for our clients. Our in-house team provides 360-degree research solutions to our clients.

Our market feasibility study services include

  • Economic Feasibility

  • Market Feasibility

  • Financial Feasibility

  • Operational Feasibility

  • Technical Feasibility

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The Internet is quite useful in augmenting business in many ways and Information research is all about gathering meaningful data through the secondary source with the medium of the internet which helps you with a significant competitive advantage. It creates an overview with regards to your target customers, Consumer insights, Supplier profiling, secondary data collection and prepares a report.

At intellovision, we focus on end-to-end information research services to provide all secondary information at a quick turnaround time which helps the organization with valuable insights through our research expert. Our custom research services beneficial for both start-up businesses as well as established organization with equal care and commitment to quality.

The services provided under Information Research are:

  • Consumer Insights

  • Supplier Profiling

  • KOL Profiling

  • Secondary Data Collection

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